Visual Studio Code: Operator Monokai theme

Operator Monokai is my theme for Visual Studio Code (VSCode).

It is based on the VSCode Monokai theme, with customisations for italics making it ideal for use with fonts like Operator Mono or Dank Mono.

There are three flavours detailed below:

  • Monokai Operator
    • Italicised code keywords, attributes and comments
  • Monokai Operator Code
    • Default VS Code Monokai theme with italicised attributes and comments
  • Monokai Operator Mono
    • Non-italic code keywords with italicised attributes and comments

Source Code

A commit a day..

A commit day keeps the cobwebs away..

Going to try and make at least one public / open source commit a day.

I’m going to use the github contributions grid to help form the habbit of commiting something in the open, be it a blog post or code.

Hopefully this will push me to get involved in more open source projects and write more of my thoughts down as I do so.

Lets see if it makes a differnace!

Been a long time

Been a long time!

About 4 years.. I have learnt lots, progressed well and have a good feeling about life!

Thinking about writing more, I have a lot of intrests especially around functional programming and I have developed a love for TypeScript over the last few years.

I may look at the gatsbyjs framework to replace the current Jekyl setup, think it may be a way to dabble with React a litte.

Watch this space, hoping not another 4 years for content!