New Job and .NET

New Job - Software Developer

Finally broken into professional software development and I’m loving it! This is in no small thanks to the people who have helped me get this far with their support and encouragement.

My wife Anna, who has been putting up with me while I have been building up to the switch. Mr David Murphy who has provided excellent advice and has been a great source of encouragement.

I have started for a small company who who’s’ application runs on the ASP.NET Web Forms platform and with limited experience in .Net of C# the last couple of months have been an interesting combination of on the job learning and home study. The best thing is that I’m loving the experience of actively working on software each day.

.NET and CSharp

It has been very interesting starting to learn the ins and outs of ASP.NET and the .NET platform as a larger beast. I’m finding ASP at least from my experience with Webfroms, a little pinickerty mainly due to not knowing the finer details of the technology yet but also as they do not feel particularly natural/intuitive to use. Webforms do seem relatively powerful and I am sure that given a little more time and familiarity I will get a real understanding of the technologies at play.

CSharp, not a language that I have any experience with but coming from a Java background, apart from a few differences in syntax, very easy to use. LINQ seems to be a potentially work flow changing technology and the sooner I get proficient with the more advanced aspects of CSharp the better as ill be saving loads of time and effort after I get LINQ down as well.